Khatav and Man are the ever drought- prone tehsils in Satara District of Maharashtra. In the post independence era, only four high schools existed in these two tehsils. No facility of higher education existed there. Under such circumstances only boys from few well-to do families enjoyed the benefit of higher education by attending the colleges in the cities like Karad, Satara, Sangli and Pune, all of which are on the distance of seventy Kilometers away from this locality. The doors of higher education were closed for the girls since the social customs in those days did not allow the parents to admit their girls in such distant institutes. An irony of the fate was that the intelligent girls from the poor families were deprived of higher education. The surprising fact to be noted was that the illustrious educational institutions in Maharashtra like Rayat Shikshan Sanstha and Swami Vivekanand Sanstha committed to the spread of education then and now did not muster the courage to open even a single college in this area which did not see the light of knowledge many ages together. However it seems that this difficult task was left to honorable Chandrahar Patil alias beloved Dada by destiny. And the year 1965 witnessed the establishment of the college which for Mr. Patil was a centre to bring about social, economic, educational, Political and Cultural Revolution in the backward area. In the real sense of the word he is the Bhagiratha of the region who with all his powers fetched the sacred waters of knowledge for the knowledge - thirsty.

During the period 1967 to 1972 he remained active and dynamic member of legislative assembly of Maharashtra. During his tenure, he implemented many developmental projects in the interest of his constituency like dairies, new roads, farm tanks, small scale industries and perculation tanks to change the economic face of the drought prone region. While rendering the valuable social service, Mr. Patil noted the pitiable and deplorable plight of the new young generation which was deprived of the education. He did realise that education, and higher education alone can save his poor backward area. He did notice unmistakably like the doctor, expert in making accurate diagnosis that the knowledge was the solution and remedy to cure the disease of backwardness of his region and thus felt the strong need of college. It led this man to put proposal of opening college before senate of Shivaji University Kolhapur and convince it through his forceful oration how college was an urgent need of his drought prone area. Senate moved by his forceful plea readily sanctioned the college in 1965 and the dream long cherished by the man came to be reality.

Really speaking Mr. Chandrahar Patil was a visionary educationist, a great thinker, and powerful orator. Particularly he was selfless, loving and compassionate parent of society. He was ceaseless- flowing fountain of charity which society came to understand during the period 1966 to 1983 during which he ran a hostel for 80 poor, needy students per year, on the free of charge basis, and which did not receive any government grant.

This facility of free lodging and boarding continued for running eighteen years. As a result many needy poor students not only from Khatav and Man but far from Vidharba and Marathawada become highly educated. Respected Chandrahar Patil, our beloved Dada was the pure embodiment of all that is best in the world and the light house for all those seeking bright rays of light from him, a powerful descending waterfall of knowledge for the knowledge- thirsty, a support of the support less, kind father of million fatherless, a mother of motherless, only hope of hopeless, a power of the powerless, a gigantic bunyan tree in the cool shade of which thousands and thousands, students & teachers have taken refuge. Really he was a towering model of all good values and has established before us a bright ideal through his social educational and political achievement.

Respected Dada chose "Eklavya" as the symbol and "Shradhawan Labhate Dnyanam" as the motto of our educational institute. Both the symbol and motto are highly suggestive. Eklavya, though the representative of depressed, and downtrodden class, can achieve the knowledge with his profound faith is the indication and message of both, the symbol and motto, inspiring & motivating for all those modern day Eklavya.

Following are the objectives of our institute.

  1. To disseminate the education unto the last layers of society.
  2. A school for every village.
  3. To provide opportunities to every boy and girl in every village of Tahasil.
  4. To educate poor & needy boys and girls and enable them to stand firmly on their own feet.
  5. To imbibe good values among the students and turn them into ideal citizens.
  6. To make the college a centre for producing a leadership with bright character.
  7. To produce agricultural experts who would weld together traditional farming and modern technology to bring about green revolution.
  8. To employ the five-formula of literature, art, sports, co-operation and science and thereby bring about all-round personality development of the students.
  9. To create the loving relation among the students, the parents and teachers and thereby making a big family of theirs.
  10. To provide the students with up-to-date educational facilities by recognizing the needs of time in dynamic age.

The four high schools of which one especially for girls and one college established by respected Dada, have been marching on successfully for the last four decades towards accomplishment of set objectives.

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