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Shahajiraje Mahavidyalaya, Khatav (Arts, Science and Commerce) is situated on Satara- Pandharpur road, 44 Kms away to the east of Satara and it is quite adjoining to the village Khatav on its 19.35 acres plot. It offers all modern amenities needed for all-round development of student's personality.

Shahajiraje Mahavidyalaya was established by Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Khatav (Presently Chandrahar Patil Gramin Shikshan Sanstha, Khatav) in June 1965. It was one of the three colleges in Satara district, and the only one and the first in the drought-prone Tahasil of Khatav & Man. There were only 4-5 high schools at that time in Khatav Tahasil. Under such circumstances, only a few students from rich families could get higher education at Karad or Satara, the cities both of which are situated at the distance of 50 kms, away from this college. But the poor students were deprived of the higher education. Particularly, girl students were lamentably deprived of higher education as their parents were not mentally prepared to send them to outstation colleges. Their poverty also did not permit them to do so. As a result, the parents of girls from this region were compelled to get them married at early stage, which was nothing but complete mental harassment of the girl learners.

The main and the important point to be noted here is that in such drought-stricken Tahasil of Khatav and Man & against all the odds such as natural, economical and social, even Rayat Shikshan Sanstha and Swami Vivekanand Sanstha, which had, then, taken lead in the spread of higher education in Maharashtra, did not dare to provide opportunity of higher education in this neglected region.

But respected Shri. Chandrahar Patil, founder of this Shikshan Sanstha, who was charged by the higher goal of educating the young boys and girls of this region which was and which is yet drought-stricken, educationally backward and politically neglected, under such adversity, undertook to establish this college. And accordingly, he sent proposal of the college for the university approval. The Senate of Shivaji University refused it thinking that establishing college in the drought-stricken, economically, socially, politically and educationally backward region of Khatav and Man was impossible. But Shri. Chandrahar Patil delivered a speech before Senate of the university and explained his side very effectively and brought to the notice of university that starting a college at Khatav was must & need of the hour. The result was that the university was fully convinced of the need of the college and thus was compelled to give permission to establish the college.

The symbol "Eklavya" and motto "Shradhawan Labhate Dnyanam" which means 'only those who are faithful, get the knowledge' was chosen very purposefully by the founder of our Sanstha. Both the symbol and the motto are very apt and illustrative of the objectives of our Sanstha. Eklavya the well known character from world famous Indian epic, though virtuous, determined a young man of action was rejected, neglected scorned and underestimated only because he belonged to socially degraded and educationally backward strata of society. In the same way, the young girls and boys form our region, though courageous, ambitious, desirous of the knowledge, virtuous, with bright character, hard working and genius were leading scornful life only because of the fact that they were born in the region to which nature was completely hostile and which was materially very poor and weak. But the founder of our institute genius man of foresight, in the heart of his hearts had made strong dermination not to allow the hostile nature and cruel destiny to play their part so that the young girls and boys would be deprived of being cultured, civilized confident, self-proving, virtuous and faithful citizens like Eklavya. It was with this foresight ness, our institute chose the symbol and motto of our Sanstha.

In the very beginning i.e. in the year 1965, Arts and Commerce faculties were started. In the year 1967, Science faculty was started. In the beginning years, college suffered from the shortage of students as the region is economically, socially backward. To tackle this problem, the founder of our institute Shri. Chandrahar Patil brought about the renaissance of the masses in the region by arranging village wise tours and keeping personal contact with several parents and thereby inculcated the urgency and importance of higher education on the minds of people. Realising the economical difficulties of the students and their parents, he started free boarding and lodging for the needy and poor students in the year 1966 with the view that not even a single needy and poor student in this region should be deprived of the higher education. And he ran this free lodging and boarding provision continuously for the successive eighteen years, against all the odds. It is a matter of extreme pride for our college that it remained the only college to provide such a facility in the rural area of Satara district. In order to provide such facility to the needy and poor students, and to keep them on the highway of higher education, the founder of the institute along with the lecturers went door to door in all the villages of the region to collect grain and funds. Sometimes when all the attempts fell short to continue this facility, the founder of the institute used his private resources, donated his grain grown out of his fields without caring his family. He did all this selflessly, out of his love for higher education, to educate this socially and economically backward region. It was his dream and with all his physical and mental powers, he translated it in to reality at which even Shivaji university at the commencement had laughed scornfully thinking it day-dreaming and for the same permission to open the college was refused. It was his sincerity which even Shivaji University doubted. But soon it yielded the sweet fruits and college could attract the enough students for whose benefit college, under adversity was established. Today, countless former students of this college have occupied the higher posts in the government as well as in other fields and are discharging their duties very ably, efficiently and honestly. Today with tearful eyes and choked throat, they very proudly, gratefully and with all humility admit that if founder of our institute Shri. Chandrahar Patil alias Dada had not established this college with hostel providing free boarding and loading, they would have been deprived of the higher education and would have been otherwise rather than what they are today. They, without hesitation, give the credit to the college. And herein lies the strength of this college. The college has done the sound contribution towards the building and shaping the society of this region it has been the burning lamp since 1965, and has illuminated age old darkness that prevailed in all the walks of life of this region. Not only the students of this locality are benefited by this college but even some poor, orphans, who were helpless and hopeless, came here form far corners of Maharashtra when they came to know of free boarding and lodging hostel.

In this way, facing the various challenges ably, and overcoming the adversity, this college during its incessant journey of 44 years, has always been upgraded and maintained the graph of its quality uncompromisingly.

Shahajiraje Mahavidyalaya, Khatav is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. It provides instruction to the students for three years integrated course in Arts, Commerce and Science.

Shahajiraje Mahavidyalaya has a team of duly qualified young and talented members of the academic community as its staff. This has considerably helped providing quality education.

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