The Central Library of Shahajiraje Mahavidyalaya, Khatav was established in the year 1967. Since then library has made consistent progress in terms of collection of books, periodicals, CDs, E_resources, services and Infrastructure provided. At present the library has about 39000 books. Reading rooms are provided to boys and girls in library. PowerPoint presentation, CD’s, e-books, e-journals are used by faculty and students. The library is also connected with the internet facility. The library provides facility to outdoor readers Library is partially computerized and plan for bar code system is to be implemented in future. Cleaning of books and racks is regularly done. Old books are properly preserved. There is open assess for users in the library. Study rooms are established in library for Boys and Girls separately. Fire safety units are installed in laboratory and library. Stock verification is done after every three years. Use of software and internet facility is provided to users. Broadband internet connection is available for online access to the e-journals with the help of INFLIBNET. Library committee organizes one day library workshop for entry level students in which they are guided about how to avail the library facilities. Workshop is followed by book exhibition through which students are well acquainted with the treasury being opened upon them. Subject teachers provide the list of the books which can build their career and motivate them to be a good citizen. Library resources like reference books, text books, periodicals, journals and e-resources are used.

Library Services
  • Bibliography Service.
  • Computerize Book Circulation.
  • Current Awareness Service.
  • News Papers Clipping Service.
  • Printing Service.
  • Reference Service.
  • Referral Service.
  • Reprography Service.
  • Audio-Visual CD’s/DVD Facility.
  • Career Development Related Information Display and Notification.
  • Internet Facility.
  • Library User’s Orientation or Information Literacy to new enrolled Student & Faculty.
  • Literature Search.
  • New Arrivals Display.
  • News Paper Clipping.
  • OPAC Facility.
  • Open Access Facility.
  • Power Backup.
  • Previous Question Paper Reading Room Facility.
  • Remote Access Facility for Faculty and Students.
  • Reprographic Facility.
Best Practices
  • Book Exhibition.
  • Career/ Employment information.
  • Providing Question paper hard copy to Faculty & Student in library.
  • Providing soft copy of syllabus, College Magazine, Set of previous Question papers, College related News.
  • Training in the use of Library Services as E-resources for users.
  • Suggestion box and timely response.
  • User Feedback.
  • User Orientation & Information Literacy.
Working Hours:
  1. Working hours of the library - 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  2. Working hours of Reading Room - 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
  3. Section Registers - Subject wise
General Rules: -
  1. Every student must have a valid college identity card in the premises of the library. It should be produced as and when demanded by any one of the library staff.
  2. Students should borrow/exchange books on the given days only.
  3. If the book is returned back late to the library, students will have to pay 1/-for each day.
  4. Identity card and borrower’s cards are non-transferable.
  5. Students must hale the books or periodicals etc.with great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing them or tearing the pages off shall be treated as misconduct and will be strictly dealt with.
  6. If the original identity card is lost, a duplicate I-card will be issued on payment of 30/- only
Rules For The Study Room
  1. Complete silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library and study-room.
  2. Text books, Reference books, University question papers and journals will be issued to students against I-cards. Students are not allowed to taken them outside the study-room.
  3. If any particular reference is required, students should approach the librarian.
Home Issue
  1. Every student is expected to read and strictly follow the instructions given on the reverse side of the Borrower’s card.
  2. In case of late return of books, students will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/-.
  3. Re-issue if the books will depend upon the demand for the same.
  4. Any disregard to these rules will be reported to the principal for appropriate action.
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