Sports/ Play Ground

Sport activities like indoor games and outdoor games are provided with the facilities they require. Play ground is large and has standard track with 400X8 meters. Central part of play ground, cricket ground, foot ball ground, Volley ball ground, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi grounds etc. Facility for long jump, triple jump with pits. There is discus throw pit, shot put ground and javelin throw ground. Zonal, Inter-zonal university level and district level matches are organized on ground. Play ground is maintained properly. Running tracks are cleaned, soft soil is spread on tracks for smoothness.

Aims & Objectives
  • To develop physical powers and emotional stability through exercise.
  • To develop good health practice and attitude.
  • To develop qualities such as leadership, sportsmanship and followership.
  • To develop the skills like courage, imitation, self-control, self-discipline and confidence.
  • To understand the democratic procedure through competitions and tournaments.
Developed By : Gravity eSolutions, Kolhapur