• To provide the education for the students coming from rural drought prone region.
  • To improve social and educational standards.
  • To create scientific awareness among students.
  • To make the students confident and active.
  • To create job opportunities.
  • To develop confidence of students for competitive examination.
  • To create social awareness among students to maintain national integrity.
  • To educate the girls from rural area and uplift their social standard.
  • To inspire the students for national development.
  • To develop the idealism about nation.
  • To implement the programme of women empowerment.
  • To develop leadership qualities.


  • Motivating the students to participate in various activities and thereby giving them opportunities to develop their personalities.
  • Creating awareness of social responsibility among the students through N.S.S. activities.
  • Cultivating good habits among the learners and molding them into ideal nation-loving citizens. We intend to do this by making them addiction free.
  • Imbibing self discipline on the minds of our students so that they may attend their classes without fail and use the same in their real life situations.
  • Generating leadership qualities and teaching the students learn sharing life responsibilities through the programmes like annual prize distribution function, youth festival etc.
  • Imprinting on their minds the value of respecting the teacher community by celebrating 'Teacher's day' on 5th September every year.
  • Preparing our learners to face the natural calamities and inducing them to give hand of help to them who are affected by the disasters like earthquake, Tsunami waves, storms etc.
  • Generating patriotism among the students by way of collecting singing of national anthem, before the commencement of college routine.
  • Creating among the students the sense of social commitment & humanity by arranging blood donation camps and N.S.S. activities.
  • Instilling in our learners the dignity of the labour through N.S.S. activities.
Developed By : Gravity eSolutions, Kolhapur