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Betbhai – wellcome to newbook777 gaming platform here we help player to play like a legends in betbhaiexch and also we assist them how they can grow with their available strength

because now a days everyone want to win in these types of exchanges but they are unable to play like a pro so this exchange newbook777 will help you to play like a horse player in betbhai exchange


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All about betbhai exchange is that this is platform which holds a extreme amount audience network to play games like cricket , football , scoocer and lots more,

This is the questions is that how to play these games and earn money from such exchanges so the answer is very simple –

taking a idea or chance of probability that may be a particular activity will happen and the amount which is dilute by you will for a win win situation or loss win situation or may be loss loss sitution

We mention three terms above i.e a) win win situation b) win loss situation and c) loss loss situation .

Now you are thinking that what kind of meaning is driving by these three terms so the answer is very simple ,

The website entire framework will be run on the basis of audience money dilution that is called pool money ,

Your competiton is directly with those peoples who is also participated in this game , and they also play the game like cricket , football , scoocer etc


Now still thee question is arise what the above term call so it mean you may be win you will may face win and loss both

And along with this after playing in betbhai exchange you may face loss because it drives high volatile risk factor so dilute your funds and taking wise decisions

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